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At De Groot Interactive, we believe that technology should make your life easier, not more complicated, and we have the expertise and the experience to make that happen. 


Regardless of where you are in your online journey, we would be happy to help you discover the path that's right for your business. We will partner with you in your digital evolution to equip you with the services you need to grow your business through web technologies. 


Don't get stung by expensive projects that don't meet your needs. Minimize your costs and your risk through a joint discovery session, where we bring together your expertise with our wider digital perspective and thinking. This process leads to the creation of a clear, shared understanding of your objectives and a detailed blueprint for success.



Technology can be complicated, and it can be difficult at times to understand how all the moving parts fit together. We have years of experience designing custom solutions to difficult problems using the leading technology, products and services available on the market today.  Whether you are in need of a solutions architect or simply looking for assistance with an ongoing project, we would be happy to lend you our expertise.



With a detailed plan in hand, we can bring in our network of trusted technology partners to carry out your vision. These partners cover a vast number of digital services such as web development, online marketing, e-commerce, mobile apps, smart TV, cloud computing, and machine-learning technologies. We are also able to manage the project and the partners on your behalf to ensure you receive a cost effective and successful outcome. 



De Groot Interactive was founded by Edward De Groot. A veteran trailblazer in the digital world, Edward has over 20 years of experience designing and developing solutions for many of the largest media properties in the country, including, Driving, and The National Post. This modern-day Jerry Maguire now leads a team of talented professionals in bringing these high-end services to both large and small businesses alike, and personally manages each and every project to ensure the utmost quality and service.


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