What We Do

We don't just design websites, we build solutions!

There is so much more to having an online presence than putting up a web page with pretty pictures.  You need to develop an online audience through a multitude of channels, such as search, social media, and pay-per-click campaigns.  When they arrive, your website should hold their interest through great design and even better copy.  Potential customers should be able to quickly and efficiently discover who you are, what you do, and then take that next step.

If that all sounds daunting, you've come to the right place.  At De Groot Interactive, we believe that technology should make your life easier, not more complicated, and we have the expertise and the experience to make that happen.

Design & Develop

If you can dream it, we can build it.  We offer a full range of design and development services.  Desktop, tablet, smartphones and even TV, we've got it covered!


If you're in retail, you need to sell online.  Your competitors are!  Whether you want to sell to the masses, or simply want to offer in-store pickup, we have a solution for you.


You've heard of it, you know it's important, but where to start?  We'll provide you with in-depth analysis and recommendations, and then help you make it happen.

PPC Campaigns

Interested in advertising on Google, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?  We can help develop an effective campaign to reach your specific audience and achieve real, measurable results.

Social Media

New to social media, or just need a hand?  We can help you set up and professionally brand your social media accounts.  We'll even provide you with some hands-on training and expert advice on engaging your customers.


It may be surprising, but email is still the number one way to engage your customers for repeat business.  We can help you set up a professional email campaign that looks great, is measurable, and avoids the spam folder.


Don't settle for ad sponsored YouTube videos.  If you produce your own videos, we can provide you with a hosted video solution in addition to your own custom branded video player.


Words... are.. hard...   Or at least the right ones.  For those times you're finding it difficult to send the right message, we provide professional copywriting services to do the job for you.


Page views, unique visitors, referrals, bounce rates, exit points, and conversions.  We can set you up with complete insight into your web traffic, and we'll explain it to you as well!

Who We are

De Groot Interactive was founded by Edward De Groot, a veteran trail blazer in the digital world,  Edward has over 20 years of experience designing and developing many of the largest media properties in the country, including canada.com, Driving, and The National Post.  This modern day Jerry Maguire now leads a team of talented professionals in bringing these high end services to both small and large businesses alike, and personally manages each and every project to ensure the outmost quality and service.

Contact Us Today

Whether you know what you want and simply want a quote, or you have some questions and need some guidance, we'd be happy to assist you at whatever stage you are at.  Book your free consultation with us today!

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